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We've just uploaded a lovely batch of Soul 7s, along with a few Funk 7s and a singular Jazz single. As always, we suggest you sit back and give them all a listen - each one has it's own, unique sound file.

Don't forget, if you're looking to buy that special someone, something special but are unsure as to what exactly, why not get them one of our online Gift Certificates? These always prove the perfect solution as will afford your recipient the luxury of getting precisely what they're searching for.

As always we'll be loading further bits and pieces Bob has found for your delectation but he'll be even older and grayer before he manages to get them all on so if you you are near the sunny south coast, come on in for a listen at 178 Sackville Rd, BN3 7AL or just send us your wants list to access Bob's Big Brain!


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